LOVE AGAIN (Part 9, page 3 of 4)

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Part 9

"So you do care for me?'", Niharika asked playfully.But when sjhe looked in his eyes her expressions changed. He was looking at her lips very seriuosly. She wanted him to kiss her.

Niharka was an extremely desirable woman and especially tonight he was feeling the attraction. Even now he wanted to through caution to the wind and kiss her seneless.

He moved towards her and then gently kissed her at first and then deepened the kiss.

This time she was prepared so she kissed him back. Infact she pulled him towards her to deepen the kiss.

His hand went to her waist and he stroked her belly ring. She sighed in pleasure and closed her eyes enjoying the sensation.Her kands wandered below his tshirt and she traced his chest with her fingers.

His mouth moved from her lips to her ear licking and nibbling it.Then his hands entered her top and touched her breasts encased in a lacy structure.Her skin was too soft and her body very responsive but when she sighed again he realised he had to stop.

Because he had gone too far once and he would not repeat it.

He moved away from her. niharika felt bereft of his touch and his next words poured ice over her feeling,"I asked you about Sagar and your relationship because I care for Jiya a lot and I cant let her be hurt in anyway", saying this he left her house.

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