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Part 9

"She is more than good , Jiya. The food was one of the best Chinese I have ever eaten"

Niharika beamed at his praise.

"Nikhil have you seen her house?"

"Not yet Jiya"

"Let me show you"

Jiya took his hand and showed him all the rooms. Niharika's house was very pretty. Every room had a theme. One of her bedroom had a water based theme even the bed was a waterbed. The second room was based on a dark forest theme while the third bedroom was locked.

When Nikhil came back to the living room he found both Niharika and Sagar laughing at something.He felt jealous fo their easy camaderie.

Niharika got up and served them desert. It was some honey based concotion but was very delicious.

Jiya and Sagar left after desert but Nikhil stayed behind to help her wind off.

During clearing up he asked her,"Niharika what are your feelings toward Sagar?"

"Sagar is my very good friend. Infact he introduced me to Jiya. Though I met them a short while ago we have become very close. I met them at Sneha's school a few months back."

"But you seemed very close to Sagar?"

"Why are you jealous of him?"

"No of course not."

"But I just wanted you to be careful because before marriage he was a playboy who was very famous with women.'

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