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Part 9

Niharika opened the door to Jiya and Sagar.

"Hi sweety. sorry for being late" Jiya and Sagar both hugged her.

"Hey you are looking ver y beautiful today Niharka, orange suites you,"exclaimed Jiya.

Sagar winked at Niharka,"Had I known you would look so pretty today I wouldnt have brought Jiya along and would have had a date with my gorgeous saali"

" With Jiya around I have no chance with you Sagar. You have eyes only for her and I love you both," laughed Niharika.

"You don't even know how lucky I am that she fell in love with me otherwise I had lost her due to my rash actions."

"I am always yours darling.I can't live without you" Jiya said to him. Sagar didn't even allow her to complete her sentence and kissed her passionately.

Nikhil had been listening to this exchange. Sagar was a lucky fellow to have Jiya but even Nihaika flirted with him. Somehow this he was not able to digest.

Together they sat at the dinner table eating the delicious dinner.

"Niharika you are the best cook,"Sagar exclaimed but when Jiya made a funny face," but not as good as my dear wife"

Nikhil was quiet during dinner.

Jiya asked him.'"What would you say Nikhil. Isn't she good?"

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