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Part 7


The rubs and worries in every man’s life and his glee are transient. Nothing is permanent. Even a man’s life in this mortal world is not permanent except his good deeds.

Shyamala realized the value of the axiom by her pragmatic life. When she was with the company of Baskar she was very joyful but her blissful happiness turned into sadness causing disappointment by the abrupt appearance of Sujatha who was angelic beauty to entice Baskar. Sitting so close to Baskar by clinging to his shoulder, as if she were very familiar to him, she introduced herself to Shyamala:” Hi, I am Sujatha, Final year ECE, N.I.E.T.”

Now, it was inevitable to Shyamala to introduce herself to Sujatha. So she concealed her resentment and with an affable smile, she introduced herself to Sujatha:” Hi, I am Shyamala, II year student, ECE, N.I.E.T.”

Sujatha with surprised expression through her eyes and charming smile on her face said: “Is it? I’m very happy to know that you are also a student of out college. I would have seen you but I don’t remember now. Where is your residence?”

“Thillai Nagar.”

“Is it? My residence is Sri Rengam.” Sujatha said with charming smile on her face. Then she continued: “How do you know Baskar? Is he your relative?” Sujatha asked her eagerly.

Her reply shocked Baskar while Sujatha was not affected.

Shyamala told her casually:” He is my fiancé.”

Shyamala expected that Sujatha would be astonished and shocked to hear her imprudent answer but Sujatha didn’t reveal her feelings but kept her countenance as if she were not bothered by the relationship she mentioned.

Sujatha shook his hand saying, “Congratulations, Baskar.”

Baskar was not in a position either to accept her words or deny it. He was discommoded as she blurted out that he was her fiancé.

At the same time, her father rang up to her calling her to come down to the place where he was waiting for her.

Sujatha, after attending to the call, rose up to start, saying,” My dad is calling me. Let’s meet tomorrow.” then she snatched kiss on his cheek, laughed and climbed down the steps quickly wagging her hand at him.

The flabbergasted Shyamala was baited by her snatch kiss on his cheek in her presence and was glowering at her who was climbing down the steps. She vented her anger on him blaming him, “How dare she did in our presence overtly! It’s due to you only; she took advantage of your foible and basciated you. I hate you, Baskar.” Shyamala turned her face opposite to him. She could not control her emotions by which her chest was heaving.

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