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Part 4


Every man has foible and forte; its proportion may be different from person to person. In the manifold society, all are diversified in linguistics, religious beliefs, culture and civilization but despite this huge diversity, the law unites them under one’s head. The Court of Law and the Police Departments are vested the entire responsibility to maintain law and order and maintenance of peace. If subversive of discipline occurs in the society, then, who is responsible? Are the politicians responsible or the people who elected them for ruling them? If ‘Law – makers turn into Law-breakers, then it conduces to bring about ’anarchical Government’ and one of the disastrous results is the corruption and bribery.

The ‘Antagonist’ of this novel, Veerapandi, is notorious for corruption, bribery, abusing powers and vengeance. Obsessed in illegal activities, he’d concubines as a philanderer, and cohabited or shacked up with them by which his lubricity, instead of cloying, augmented or enhanced in such a manner that Kanmani was the fruition of his deed. He started his career as a politician and learnt all sorts of atrocities and with the aid of his political powerful leader, he came to the power to hold the position of S.I. His accomplices were his constables who’re reliable to him. By abusing, he estranged many people and one among them was the hunk who wrecked his vengeance on that fateful day by which Veerapandi and his accomplices were dreadfully attacked and inflicted mortal wounds and they were taken to the hospital in the ambulance for medical treatment.

One month before this incident:-

It’s Saturday.

In the evening by four, Kanamani received a call from her chum, Shenbagam inviting her to her house.

“Kanmani, what are you doing?” Shenbagam asked,

“I feel boring here. What are you doing?” Kanmani asked her friend.

“I am with our friends at my home. Can you guess what we are doing?” asked Shenbagam.

“Watching porno. Am I right?” Kanmani guessed correctly.

“Can you come now?” her friend asked her.

“Yes,” Kanmani became ebullient

“Bring your pen drive with you. Don’t forget to bring.” Her friend reminded her.

Kanmani before dressing up, stripped her dress and slung them to the corner of her dressing room. She felt no shame to remain nude in her private room where she was using it for reading, watching pornographic films and dancing nakedly with her friends.

Standing au naturel before the mirror in her make-up room, she looked at her naked body through the mirror, Belgium made. She was tall and slim figure having the optimum size of organs according to her age, sweet eighteen; especially the size of her breasts, which’re erect but tanned. “What an erection my boobs! She was proud of her breasts and she lemon-squeezed them one time before watching her escutcheon region which was hirsute. “None can identify my clitoris since it is hidden behind the pilose region.. “ she sighed. Her hair was ebony colour like that of her eyes. Her forehead was small and her nose was snub making her face ugly. Her lips were also black as those of her buttocks.

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