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Part 5

Kanmani smiled coyly and a bashful smile across her lips adorned her face. It’s mystery whether it’s prudery or modest smile. She minced:(Speak politely) “The influential person is none but my uncle.”

“What’s your father?”

Her bright face, on hearing, became gloomy.

Noted her countenance, Shenbagam replied on behalf of her: “Her parents died in an accident. Please don’t ask more about her. She is upset now.”

“Extremely sorry, Kanmani. “ Baskar regretted.

“That’s alright. Let’s go inside.”

The “Useless Group” occupied their seats at the back of the row where Baskar and his friends seated. It’s a vintage position for Kanmani to see Baskar very well.

Baskar was chatting with his friends; Kanmani tried to sharpen her ears to hear what he was talking but she could hardly heard what he was talking because he was whispering with them. While he was confabulating to them, his friends turned back to look at her by which Kanmani guessed that the topic they were talking must be about her.

Kanmani was very eager to know what he was talking about her either good or bad. Her conscience affirmed that he won’t talk about her bad since she helped them. The film was thrilling and her attention was paid towards the film. During ‘Intermission’, Baskar with his friends went out.

“Shall we go out now?” Kanmani asked her friends.

“With pleasure.” Her friends rose from their seats and paced towards the exit. The ‘Useless Group” felt most of the youngsters’ eyes were swarming around them for they were strutting to attract the attention of the spectators.

Kanmani was searching for Baskar and her eyes were swimming in the crowd to find out him. None of his friends were found in any restaurants or vendors inside the theatre. After five minutes, Baskar emerged with his friends from the john (toilet) and when his sight fell on the “Useless Group”, he was surprised and looked at his friends meaningfully. His friends chuckled and stared at the girls who were waiting for them.

Baskar asked Kanmani,” Would you like to take any soft drinks?”

“Shall I refuse when you offer?” Kanmani replied.

Baskar supplied soft drinks to all of them including his friends and paid amount.

At this time, the electric Bell rang to indicate the audience that the interval time was over.

Baskar and Kanmani with their army entered the theatre and took their seats.

It’s a thrilling film and the audience enjoyed the film.

After the end of the film, Baskar and his friends took leave of Kanmani and her friends saying,” Let’s meet soon. Bye.”

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