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Part 5

After a week, Kanmani and her friends (Useless Group) went to the theatre, “Maris theatre” where she happened to meet Baskar with his friends. She gloated at him (gaze at him with self-satisfaction, gratification or joy) and showed him to her friends from the distance. “See there!” she pointed at Baskar who was standing in a queue with his friends for buying tickets.

“How is my boyfriend?” Kanmani expected their feedback.

Having seen his handsome appearance, ruddy complexion and above all the gorgeous dress he was wearing, tranced their hearts. They were drooling over him sighing:” How handsome he is! He is a Casanova. A young Adonis; what you said is true, Kanmani. If he acknowledges your love, you’re the luckiest chap in the world.” They stirred her yearning for him.

One of her friends devised:” I’ll capture him in my cell phone pretending to take selfie. You go and approach him and familiar yourself and accost him.

Next second, she took the photo and Baskar’s image was imprisoned in the camera of her cell phone.

Kanmani accosted with him saying,” Hi! Baskar. How are you?”

Baskar and his friends were shocked to see her and her accosting. Baskar wondered to see her there in the theatre. “Kanmani, aren’t you?”

Kanmani smiled lovingly and batted her eyelids. “Can I get you tickets? Why are you standing in the long queue?”

“We’re five. Can you get five tickets?”

“Why not? See now. You do one thing. Come out of the queue. I’ll get you five tickets.”

“Here’s the money.”

“No need now. After getting five tickets, I will receive the amount from you.”

She dialled to Veerapandi and informed the matter.

Next minute, the Manager of the theatre requested the “Useless Group” and five friends to get inside. She paid him the entire amount and in return he gave her fifteen tickets.

Baskar conveyed his ‘heartfelt thanks’ to her and introduced his friends to her and her friends and in return, Kanmani introduced her ‘Useless Group” to him and his friends.

When Baskar gave the amount for five tickets, she refused to accept the money, stating,” Not at all now, Baskar. I can receive it afterwards.”

But Baskar insisted and held her hand saying,” Money can estrange one and chucks the friendship. So, please do receive it.”

Kanmani never expected him holding her hand. She gloated at him with a smile and said:” Okay; If your words are true, then I receive this amount for I don’t want to chuck our friendship.” She received the due amount.

“May I know how you’re able to get fifteen tickets at a time? Do you have any influential person in this theatre?” Baskar asked her.

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