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Part 5


Whatever the Government helps these people and whatever the benefits these people enjoy, they remain incorrigible. Noble men are always noble. It depends upon the way one is brought up from the sapling age. Veerapandi is the best example as a heinous sinner and his associates must also be sinners and how can there be any exceptions?

Born as an illegitimate child, she was brought up by the notorious sinner, Veerapandi who instilled in her mind the sense of lubricity during her tender age. “It’s her duty to learn knowledge in the educational institution but she failed in her duty to learn. Instead, she bunked classes and dallied or dawdled the precious time with her bad associates.

It’s obvious of her age to fall ‘Coupe de foudre’ but she carried the torch for Baskar but it’s ‘will of the wisp which she may not know.

The ‘Useless Group’, steeped in the ideology of tribadism, Kanmani underwent the process as a tribade. With that sweet memory, she was returning her home. Her mind dwells in the memory of Baskar and how to entice him was her yearning.

“Man proposes but God disposes” Kanmani remembered the proverb when Peter intercepted her way who came there by his cycle.

“Hello, Kannu, How’re you?” Peter winked at her.

“What. Kannu’? If you behave rudely like this, I have to teach you a good lesson, mind you, Peter.” She warned him.

“It’s my boon to have you as my teacher for you are going to tech me a lesson. Which lesson in the subject of ‘Love”?

“Dallying after a girl leads to imprisonment. This is the title of the lesson of the subject, “Love”, understand?”

“Is it true, Kannu? Are you going to imprison me in your heart? How lucky I am!”

“Sirrah!, Mind your words. Step aside.”

“Reply me and then go.”

“I’ve no necessity to reply to the undeserved.” Her blood boiled and she glowered at him.

Though he was wounded by her harsh words, yet he smiled at her and said:” Till now, I may be undeserved but from tomorrow onwards, I will become to your deserved one.”

“Are you going to leave or shall I call the police?” She threatened him.

“You’re threatening me since your uncle is S.I.? This ‘Peter’ won’t be scared of any police. I’ve my men to back up my wish. Mind it. Let me meet you tomorrow. Bye.” Peter sneered and left her and rode on his cycle.

“Fie!” she emitted words despicably and started her scooter.


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