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Part 3

Shyamala supported Baskar:” Even though he’s a police officer, he should not have used bad words. That’s why he became furious. There’s nothing wrong on his part.”

“Baskar told that a hunk succoured him from the attack of Veerapandi. Who is that man? What has made him succour Baskar? He says that he’s a stranger. If so, why did he attack the Inspector with cycle chain severely?” Latha asked.

“There’s no other alternative way except to attack them because they’re four in number as their opponents. They were not in a position either to surrender themselves to the police or run away from the place. Definitely they will chase them and arrest them. So the stranger slashed and swept the cycle chain till his opponents fell down unconsciously.” Shyamala explained their situation.

“If they’re attacked to death, it’ll be a great problem to him. I don’t know how this problem is going to be solved.” Latha was unhopeful of his escape from this offence.

“How did the police sniff at them with the help of hound to find out them when they had no trace? There is no CCTV camera in that place of accident. Then how can the police trace Baskar and stranger?” Shyamala asked her mother.

“Perhaps they may use sniffer dog.”

“What use? They have left no trace to find out their identity. The revolver is with us. Very soon it must be destroyed. If it is done, how can the police trace them?” Shyamala argued logically.

“It’s not known about the stranger who escaped with the police jeep. If he is caught, then Baskar will be caught. “

“Anyway, they are under the risk.”

When they were discussing about Baskar, Shyamala spotted the other four including Baskar who were swimming in the crowd.

Finally, the six convened at the Lotus tank.

Now it’s twelve thirty.

“What’s our next programme?”

“Lunch in the Star Hotel and after lunch, Naickar Maghal.” Sivasankar announced.

Having finished the Holy Darshan at Meenakshi Temple, they travelled towards a Five Star Hotel for taking lunch.

The car driver parked at the parking area in the Star hotel. All got off the car but car driver didn’t get off the car.

When Gunasekar asked him to accompany them, he shook his head saying, he didn’t feel hungry. Sivasankar understood why he said so.

Sivasankar patted his shoulders and said:” I know. Come on accompany us.”

It was a gorgeous and an opulent hotel.

They entered the Family Room and occupied the seats opposite to each other. The car driver seated separately.

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