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Part 3


“Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by the sun of york;

And all the clouds that lour’d upon our house in the deep bosom of the ocean buried.

William Shakespeare

Majuro has become an important place for tourist attraction as well as spiritual attraction. The artistic beauty of the sculpture and the magnificent structure of the temple add to its fame. For ever, the temple is inundated with crowds of devotees as well as foreign tourists. During the weekend holidays, the crowd is more than ordinary days.

Shyamala’s parents and Baskar’s parents were swimming in the crowd and they were drifted along with the course of the crowd of the people. Soon they were isolated from others.

Baskar and his mother were following the tourists who were also circumambulating the temple like them.

Immediately Sivasankar contacted his wife:” We got isolated from the group and mixed with the crowd. So you wait at the Lotus Tank till we join you. And inform others this message. Let’s all meet at the Lotus Tank again.”

Shyamala and her mother, after their first circumambulation, took rest on the steps of the Golden Lotus Tank expecting others with anxiety. At the same time, Latha got happenstance to have a personal talk with her daughter. There’re some doubts in her mind and she wanted to clear her doubts.

Latha asked her daughter:” Latha, have you seen Baskar in your college?”

Shyamala shook her head. “There are thousands of students in My Engineering College. It’s impossible to identify the other group unless we familiarize with them. He is an II year student. I have no touch with the Second year students, that too, E.C.E. Group. It’s quiet impossible. Yes, why do you ask this question?”

“Both of you behave as if you two are familiar with each other. That’s why I asked you.”

Shyamala chuckled and understood why her mother used that question. She replied calmly:” I confronted him with revolver in his hand as he heisted...( I was frightened to see him with the revolver in his hand and when I was about to shout, he knelt before me and begged not to create a kettle of fish (a difficult situation) Then he showed me his I.D where I saw his name and full details. But I never expected that his father was a colleague of my dad. It’s really incredible.”

Latha sighed: “He committed a foolish act. He assaulted the Sub-Inspector along with the mysterious man. Attacking the police is a ghastly crime. The police will never leave him without finding him. See the fate!”

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