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Part 10


It was mid night.

Except Cantonment, Main guard Gate and Chintamani bus station, other areas were as quiet as grave yard. Shastri Nagar was not exceptional and unusually it was very quiet as it was Holiday day. It seemed that the whole area was under the spell bound and was sleeping. Even a patrol jeep crossed away from there and the roads were deserted. Even some stray dogs were crouching by the side of the road. But on the other hand, the Big Bazaar area was lit with sodium light and tuned the place as day. There were some Night Vendors supplying their customers with the tasty tiffin items.

Sivasankar residence was in the midst of skylark buildings. The top floor was paved with glass tiles and they were shining as the moon poured her milky rays towards that building where Baskar and Shyamala were found in the safety place which no one could find them out in that shadowy place. The glassy tiled floor was bearing her back, bare back, and the Moon was ogling at her in puris naturalisbus posture for the epulation of her inamorata, Baskar who was overwhelmed at the sight of her naked body. After the reminiscent memory of his romantic relationship with Sujatha, he returned to this mortal world.

Shyamala, who was lying on her back nakedly, exposing her nudity to her lover, was very charming with her eyes sparkling with excitement. And one could find a glint of admiration in his eyes.

Shyamala slowly rose from her sitting posture and asked Baskar,” Shall we go to your room? I find a lot of discomforts here in this open terrace. What do you say?”

“What your wish is my wish, dear. As you said, let’s go to my room.” Baskar got up and readied himself to lead her to his room in the first floor.

Gratified with his consent, Shyamala followed Baskar and climbed down the stairs to the first floor. It was neat and tidy and was spacious and airy. Facing eastern side was a bureau full of books packed nicely and there was a long wooden table with modern chair and table lamp and computer. It’s a bicameral room; one used for bed room another for bath room.

Shyamala praised him as he maintained the room spic and span.

Then Baskar showed her his Video camera and asked her,” “Shall we video our ‘Hymeneals ‘scenes?”

“Isn’t it risky?” Shyamala asked him doubtfully.

“Yes, your doubt is reasonable. There’s a Micro-chip inside which can copy the entire scenes. I will give it to you for your safety. Whenever you are free, you can watch it by dint of android. Till our marriage, keep it safe from your parents…..”

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