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Part 6


The refulgent sunset embraced the Cauvery River and its lambency adorned the entire milieu followed by the gentle wind to provide gorgeous climate with the unique beauty to please the minds of men there who devoted their precious time in enjoying the beauty of nature.

Baskar who had stated to Shyamala,” I’ll let you know my answer under that banyan tree at the side of the road.” stopped his scooter under the shade of the banyan tree at the side of the road, a deserted road, which was propitious and serendipity to them.

Shyamala was anxious what he was going to reply her either positively or negatively but when he held her hand and pulled her forth towards him, her anxiety dispelled like a cloud to reveal the serene sky. She was blissfully ecstasy as she guessed what he was going to do next and she readied herself for it. As anticipated, he neared his mouth towards her mouth and French Kissed her saying, “I love you, Shyamala.”

To utter these three words, Baskar made her wait for a day to make her long for him and when he finally expressed his love followed by osculation, Shyamala was gratified with him and his osculation and was willing to co-operate with his foreplay.

When his lips took rest for some time and released from her lips, Shyamala with quasi-anger blamed him as:” Why did you drive me to frustration all these days?”

Heard her accusation, Baskar felt that it would have been better to prolong his French kiss, instead of intermitting for he felt embarrassing to answer to her accusation. But in a fraction of second, he changed his countenance and hugged her. Then he whispered softly:” Darling! I wanted to confirm whether it is the result of infatuation or staunch love. “

As he hugged her, she felt her hooters contacted his heart to find out the truth but he hugged more by which her boobs got adpressed to his bosom to render them boobgasm. She encircled her hands around his neck and hugged him tightly and then whispered in his ear: “Is it puppy love or divine love?”

Baskar was supporting his chin upon her shoulder and replied calmly: “It’s neither puppy love not divine love but staunch love. It conduces to marriage. I am sure of it.”

Without seeing his face, she asked him,” How have you confirmed it is staunch love? How do you predict that out love will lead to marriage?”

By this time, his hands were smearing her back to confirm whether she was wearing brassiere and then pulled her back tightly. He answered cleverly: “When you proposed by sending message to me, I thought that you‘re affected by infatuation which is due to this age. I suspected whether it would be a corporeal love. “

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