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Part 9

“Of course she rescued you from the grave danger for which we owe to her and family but she can befriend you but not fall in love with you. But be careful with her.” Maghathi advised Baskar. She knew Baskar and his relationship with Sujatha. She thought that Sujatha must have enamoured of Baskar for his cuteness and handsomeness and suspected that her love might be corporeal love.

Maghathi told Baskar:” You know very well that I fell in love with your father during our college days. I was born in a rich family and my love is pure. My parents were against our love for your father was poor. I tried to persuade my parents but my father was very cruel and plotted to murder your father. So we eloped and came here to settle our life. If Sujatha is ready to forego her wealth and property for your sake, with the permission of your father, I will arrange for your marriage after you settled your life in a foreign country. Never give her false promise and get entangled, my son. Be careful.”

Baskar nodded and wagged his hands to his mother and walked down the street to meet Sujatha at the rendezvous place.

Sujatha was waiting for him. She prinked(dress very carefully and in a finicky manner). Yes, she was in her golden peplum dress midi devoid of dupatta so that the contour of her breasts was exposed through her tight blouse. One can use a number of words to describe her beauty as, good–looking, nice-looking, attractive, personable, striking beauty, stunning, fine, well-proportioned and well-formed and in a nut shell, she was adorable(she is so attractive in a way that made him like her very much)

Baskar, as a dapper, (neatly and stylishly dressed wearing a well-made fedora and one can use a number of words to describe his handsomeness such as,” bonny, tidy, whopping, thumping, kingly, whacking, ginormous, plenteous and bounteous.

When he alighted at the bus stop, Sujatha alighted from her car and ran towards him and hugged him tightly. She expressed her phantom of delight in her expression. “Wow, you look like Gemini Ganesan in this gorgeous dress. I like you very much darling,” She hugged him overtly.

Baskar hugged her and exclaimed:” You look like a princess in this peplum midi dress, that too golden yellow colour. Moreover, without dupatta, you look sexy and are the star of cynosure. Your countenance proves you’re a celestial Menaka.

Sujatha closed his mouth with her hand and said:” Enough of your flattery. Let’s get into the car. “and she walked him towards the car parking.

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