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Part 9


Like Sujatha, the Chief Doctor of Apollo Hospital knew very well that Baskar’s case is very very normal but leeched money when he came to know that Sujatha belonged to rich family and so he charged twenty thousand rupees but when he came to know that she is the daughter of M.L.A. he charged fifty per cent of the medical charge and instructed the other doctors to discharge him before night.

The blow on his head was heavy; that’s why he fainted immediately and it was treated properly. Now he’s in recuperative stage.

When Baskar and Sujatha were in Romantic mood, Sivasankar contacted Sujatha through his cell phone and reached the special room where Baskar was lying on the bed.

Their romance occurred prior to their (Baskar’s parents) arrival.

Sujatha and her friends entered the room and explained how the unexpeccted accident took place how he was rescued from the goons. When Sivasankar came to know that Baskar narrowly escaped from the grave danger because of the help of Sujatha, his parents lionized Sujatha and thanked her. When they came to know that she paid the entire hospital bill, they’re overwhelmed and could not utter any words.

Sujatha took Baskar and his parents by her car to their residence followed by one of her friends who was riding his scooter.

Sujatha’s plan worked out successfully. She impressed Sivasankar and Maghathi and she was in their good books.

Sujatha, being the daughter of a politician, was very careful in every movement, word and action. If she undertook one task, she paid rapt attention towards it and accomplished it. Whether it was her subjects, or any piece of work to be done, she engrossed in that work and strove to accomplish them. That’s why she was good at studies in that college.

Her next plan was to invite Baskar to the Star Hotel, her hotel, to prolong her romance with Baskar.

It’s Sunday. She rang up to Baskar and rendezvoused to the Cauvery Bridge to pick up him by her car to the Star Hotel.

Baskar dressed up and informed Maghathi:” Mum, M.L.A daughter wants to show me her Star Hotel, built by her father. So, I am going there.”

Maghathi chuckled:” Is there any speciality?”

Baskar understood what she implied. “There’s no speciality, Mom. Without your permission, I won’t do anything. She may be enamoured of me but she should not think that I am enticed by her. I won’t encourage her but point out what she is thinking is wrong. “

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