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Part 8

One Saturday evening, Baskar was walking down the Nandi Kovil Street to buy Engineering Books at Higginbotham’s Book shop, opposite to the Teppakulam.

. He entered into the Book shop to buy Engineering books and he was searching for the books to buy without knowing that Sujatha also had come there before him and was searching for books for reading.

“Hello, Baskar, How do you do?”

Baskar was astonished to hear the familiar voice and when he turned towards the voice, she saw Sujatha with her smiling face and greeting him.

Sujatha was in her gorgeous dress, rose Ghagra dress and tight backless blouse. She didn’t wear brassiere or any inner garment by which the contour of her boobs was clearly visible to her spectators. Her coleur de rose was her fair complexion and it’s seen on her back and other parts of the body.

Baskar changed his face impression and with smiling face greeted her:” Hello, Sujatha, How do you do?”

Sujatha was enthusiastic and asked him,” Engineering books or Literature books”

“Electronic and Communication Book.”: He replied and then asked her,” You?”

“Literature Books.” She replied calmly.

“Tamil Literature?”

“My God! I don’t want them except English Literature books.” She replied haughtily.

“The complete works of William Shakespeare.”

“I have already bought that book.” Sujatha replied and asked him,” Do you have Shakespeare books collection?”

Baskar nodded.

“Can you help me in selecting the best novels in English?” Sujatha asked him in an affected tone.

“Oh, my God! I don’t have much knowledge as you have to study English Lit,.Books.”

“I think you’re flattering me.”

“Flattering you? No, Sujatha. I don’t have time to read famous novels in English such as Charles Dickens, Dumas, Francis Bacon essays etc.,.”

“When I was in England, I studied all these books. I wish to read modern novels.”

Sujatha had her studies senior level in England and then she returned to India out of compulsion from her father who became M.L.A and he wanted her to be with him.

“Are you interested in reading stories written by R.K. Narayan?

“Yes, all his stories are very excellent. I like his humour.”

“Bill Bolton books are famous. I would like to buy it.” Baskar said.

“Yes, you’re right. Let’s buy that book.” Saying, she was searching for the book and when it’s found out among the Electronic books on the book shelf, she took it out and gave it to Baskar, “Here’s the book you need. Please select Narayan story books for me.”

Then they went to the Literature Section and Baskar was searching for R.K.Narayan’s collection. Finally, he selected ten novels of Narayan and took them out of the Book Shelf and gave them to Sujatha.

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