Longing (Masked Emotions: Book 5) (Part 3, page 1 of 2)

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Part 3


It had been a while since Lana had gotten a disciplinary spanking. She got a few swats every night when Enzio put her to bed, but they had been affectionate and indulgent in nature. She had been wondering if he had been holding back because they were now engaged. She was beginning to wonder if a Dom could be married to his Sub without allowing his feelings to get in the way during a scene.

Eventually, they found themselves inside a room and Lana was confused about why they were in there when he spun her around and placed his hand on her back. “I’m sorry for not giving you a proper punishment for the past few days,” he whispered while running his fingers outside her arms, down to her thighs and inward toward her crotch. “Our bedroom is not soundproof and I didn’t want to wake the baby.” That caused her to blush. She quickly noticed a black bag on the bed and her heart began to race, especially when he grabbed her chin and pushed her hard against the door. “Eyes down!”

“Yes, Dom,” she gasped as her heart began to beat rapidly and she became wet by his brass forcefulness.

“I’m going to have to take you into one of these rooms, just so I can be as rough as you want me to be,” he softly spoke, and her knees toppled, which caused the two of them to giggle. He gave her a soft kiss on the lips and it felt like a drug. He casually took her by the hand and guided her beside the bed. He turned and faced her. He looked deeply into her eyes as he ran his hands all over her once again. “Let me see your true beauty. Take off your clothes,” he said, pulling on her small crop top. “But take it off slow. I want to savor it, Baby Girl.”

Her heart jumped. It had been awhile since she heard her pet name and she had forgotten how it felt as he grabbed her by her hair and jerked her hair back. “I said take off your clothes,” he snapped, and she bit her lip as she let out a snide smile. He pulled her closer and turned her around, holding her against him. She shuddered as her back pressed against his chest.

His breathing remained steady. If he was excited, he was doing a damn good job hiding it, and it made her feel a bit self-conscious. “I thought I told you to remove your clothes slowly, Lana,” he whispered heavily into her ear, and her eyes widened.

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