Kidnapped On St. Patrick's Day (Part 2, page 1 of 5)

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Part 2

January 1, 1970 the city of Wellburn Heights rang in the New year with fireworks plus farmers were shooting their guns just not with real bullets up in the air which was dangerous to fellow citizens and animals of all kind. .All of the churches was ringing their bells. For the city's people who could afford to have dinner with their loved ones they ate whatever they wanted including another Turkey or Ham. Some ate Black Eyed Peas that was suppose to bring you good luck.

For the low income families the churches had went in together and had a dinner for them with the same good food in a box that they had delivered the night before. The homeless was rounded up and given a ride to the community center to have their feast. later that day Jack short for Jackson Herbert O'Connor now in his thirties and Melissa Lynn Shenanigan O'Connor also in her thirties was sitting in the priest's office talking to him about the results of their final test.

They had been married for almost seven years and she just found out she couldn't have any children. They desperately wanted children. They couldn't understand why God had cursed them like this since he had blessed them with one of their family members handing down the most famous pub to them. It was booming before they took it over and more so now. Their marriage was missing only one thing. A person to hand down the pub to when they got older.

Later that day Ryan James O'Connor just a young man of sixteen was waiting in the hallway for Ellen Marie Gallagher who was even younger Everyone in their family knew there was a baby on the way. Both of the families wasn't happy with the situation and felt if they got married and tried to raise that baby it would ruin both of their lives. Ellen's parents couldn't understand how a girl almost fifteen could betray anybody especially their own daughter like this.

They were just morbid about it. Her parents decided to either make her have an abortion or to enroll her in a private girl's school until she gave birth then make her give it up for adoption. They told Ryan's father he need to keep his son away from their daughter. They were shouting at the top of their lungs to both of the young teenagers. Father Haddington told them he knew a couple who wanted to adopt a baby.

The next day the Gallaghers had dinner at the pub. They overheard one of the servers telling another server that it was a shame about Melissa news. When they were first married she was pregnant and had gotten an immune disease when they went on vacation and lost the baby and now there will be no children in their lives. Ellen looked at her parents and told them her news I'm going to let Melissa adopt my baby if she wants to.

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