Kidnapped On St. Patrick's Day (Part 3, page 1 of 5)

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Part 3

Jack not being in a festival mood decided to let the pub's staff ride the Saint Patty's Day float and come to work at two p.m. on Saturday March the 17th. He would stay at the pub and do all of the cooking. he got up very early and got the corn beef and ham on then cut all the potatoes and cabbage up They would be serving three items on their menu for that day . his sister

The menu read:

Traditional Corn Beef and Cabbage all you can eat $9.99

2 Reubens on Marbled bun and French Fries or Onion Rings $6.00

Fried Ham and Eggs & green biscuits $4.00 (Option below)

Cheese Sauce & green onion pieces served over the eggs $1.00

Free Green Ice Cream for all who wants


Ice Cold Luck of the Irish Green Beer $5.00 a pitcher (Serves Four )

Ice cold Green Champagne $30.00 a bottle (Serves Four )

Ice Green Tea for non drinkers $1.00 for Adults Free for Children

His sister agreed to ride with Bryson and Lilly on the children's float all decked out for St. Patty's Day. She picked the children up at the pub not quite an hour before the parade was going to start. They would walk the few blocks to the staging area located in a parking lot close to the school passing a park on their way.

They never showed up to get onto the float. No one noticed for awhile. The staff arrived first, followed by the board of aldermen and the committee. then the rest of the city's folks who wanted to eat there. Allison and the children never arrived. Melissa had a couple of glasses of champagne before she realized the children wasn't there yet. She asked Jack. He told her all he knew. Could they had stopped at the St. Patty's Day Fair being held at the park? Neither parents knew for sure. Jack tried calling her cell phone with no reply. Melissa also tried to call and it wasn't ringing.

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