Kidnapped On St. Patrick's Day (Part 4, page 3 of 5)

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Part 4

They sat playing hearts and other card games to try to keep their minds off of the children. It worked for a little while. The police had enough on Rudolph to bring him in for questioning. They picked him up and started to question him. He claimed he didn't know anything about Allison's murder or the children missing he saw this a way of getting even with the O'Connors for taking his business away from him by coming unto Melissa and splitting them up. He even admitted that it a wasted project. Any other person would have caved in immediately.

Jack used his key to the pub for him and Melissa to get in. They saw where someone had pushed a chair up to the cabinets and also had unlocked the dog door. Was someone coming and going without be detected since he wasn't allowed there any more? Who could it be? What were they after.? Was it as a homeless person was hungry and did this for food?

He thought that maybe his father had forgotten to lock the dog's door. he called his father and he was told that he was sure he had. He even checked by pushing on the door. Jack thought my old man may be losing it. No wonder with everything the entire family had gone through in the recent events. They also wondered who did have the children if it wasn't any of the family or Rudolph. That was even a scarier thought. All both of them could say was our poor babies.

They visited the church and sat on the front pew talking and praying with Father Haddington. Time had ran out for their babies even father Haddington had asked them if they believed that God came and took them home. Neither one wanted to realize that was a good possibility.

They knew with every passing hour was another hour that they may never even find their babies recognizable bodies. All they could do was to hold onto each other and cry. Jack was trying to be strong for Melissa but it was very hard to do.

Another couple of days went by without any more leads so the police was forced to close the case. They could do nothing but to charge old Rudolph with trying to swindle money from the O'Connor family. Every time Jack and Melissa came to the pub they found the dog door unlocked. one night Jack started to lock it and Melissa stopped him saying it's our little boy's ghost doing that trying to give us a message of some kind. Remember how he loved sitting there trying to figure out how to lock and unlock the doggie door.

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