Kidnapped On St. Patrick's Day (Part 4, page 2 of 5)

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Part 4

Rudolph was still being watched. He again went to the ice cream polar and again sat at the same table. When he was done he paid and walked out the front door This time detective Reagan and O'Brien had placed a camera that was catching everyone that was mailing in the mailbox by the condiment table.

The next day the final letter came. Again Rudolph played his part to a tee. without delay he called the police and they went and picked up the letter.



They now knew who one of the dirt bags was but not knowing was who his accomplice was and where those poor little children was. The question was how much longer would the children be alive.if they weren't already deadt by now, they got an order to listen into his telephone calls. hoping it would lead some where, hopefully to the rescue of the children.

While talking with the O'Connors he learned that Bryson even though on his birth certificate it list them as his biological birth parents he found out who was and yes they both were deceased but Ellen's parents weren't He did some checking on them. They had relocated to Scotland. He called and had the Scotland Yard check into them.

Scotland Yard got back in touch with him. They stated that neither George or Sarah Gallagher knew this and was on their way back to the United states. When they arrived back in Walshbury they went directly to the police station . they were escorted to the room where Jack and Melissa was. The police had roped off a hallway at the police station and put up construction tape and also had a team that looked like construction workers.

Both of the Gallagjhers passed a lie detector test. They informed both Jack and Melissa that they did have a change of heart after their Ellen passed away. They had prayed to God to let them have some kind of a life with their grandson but knew it was too late, only if they had thought about it then and not what others had said. They asked if they could stay there until the police got anymore news, only if it didn't make a burden on Jack and Melissa. they both were welcomed with open arms.

While talking further both Jack and Melissa came up with the idea letting the Gallaghers become both Bryson and Lilly's God Grandparents only if they want to. They accepted not taking a minute to think about it. Melissa asked them if they understood that Lilly would be included in the process and Sarah Gallagher said oh heavens yes I know you think because Bryson is Ellen's baby that we said yes and in a way we did it was but more than that Lilly needs a God Grandmother too. I cant' wait till we can bake cookies together and there will be that time. God is going to bring those babies back home to us. They prayed that the children was still alive.

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