Kidnapped by the hot beast (Part 4, page 2 of 5)

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Part 4

I had to cross the road. The residential area was still halfway far and I knew that I won't make it.

The car came in front of me and stopped with screeching tires.

Before I could register that what's happening, the car door opened and came out three muscular men, their faces half covered and they were wearing... Black Suits?

My positivity was all gone by then.

By the looks of them,they definitely didn't look like some random people having a look around the city.

Something like serial killer or kidnappers or both?

I mentally apologised to that tiny voice.

I squeaked and made a U turn. I knew that I would never be able escape them to home.

They all started running after me. All of my belongings were abondoned long ago (that includes my purse and already non-functional cell,also the umbrella) and that time my only focus was to save my life.

I was panting. I didn't stop at once,not even to look if they were still following me but the splashing sound following me told me all.

My legs already felt weak and I even tripped once but quickly regained my pace.

When it had been quite a long time, my legs were already giving me. I wasn't a good athlete eversince.

I used to ditch my P. T classes. Even my P.T teacher said once : "Ashley someday you would regret it not taking P.T seriously "

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