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Part 2

Imagine opening your eyes in a complete unfamiliar surrounding, when you have been kidnapped by your psycho , bad , billionaire (also excessively handsome) lover ( or rather luster)

Well, something similar happens to Ashley Smith, a 19 years old black haired,blue eyed enchanting beauty. What happens when a cheerful, bubbly and rational girl has her world turned upside down.

Meet Ian Sandars a 21 years rich, dangerous , billionaire's son (not to mention extremely hot) who not handling rejection well, takes a big (or rather illegal) step and forces her to live with him.

This impulsive and short tampered boy gets whatever or whoever he wants as the thing is thrown under him before he has to even blink but not getting that thing (thing as Ashley) he carves the most, he loses his mind, literally.

How far will he go in his madness?

How far will she be able to go through his craziness till she loses her mind completely?

Lets find out in the exciting journey

Warning : May contain mature content.

If violence and strong sexual language aren't your things then its not a good story for you. But hey don't run I'll warn you before such chapters and you can simply skip.(if you want to winks)

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