Kidnapped by the hot beast (Part 6, page 2 of 6)

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Part 6

"You-You are alive?", she asked bewildered.

"Guess I'm ", side of his lips tilting up in a half smirk. It was just too amusing. She was like a clueless kid.

Listening to his voice just confirmed his presence.

"B-but h-how y-you...?", she didn't know what to say.

She was just confused. It took her a few more moments to get her head straight. Finally when she was capable of thinking reasonably, she accepted his presence.

Then her thoughts shifted to the new blood-curdling link between his being alive and her unexplained presence here.

Her eyes widened.

He was staring at her intensely, something deep in his eyes. It has been two years. Two long fucking years.

"Where am I?",she asked in a voice barely more than a whisper. To say thay she was scared is an understatement.

"At my place",he replied,the smirk never leaving his lips.

She stared at him while her heart skipped a beat.

She regained her compusure"How I got here?", she asked in a shaky voice. She could feel the fear building up inside her. He wasn't a good thing for her.

Overcoming the initial stage of shock, her imagination gathered all the bad possibilities while the events of past reverberated across her mind.

'He is the new hot guy'

'He is that conceited and arrogant"

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