Kidnapped by the hot beast (Part 7, page 2 of 5)

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Part 7

She struggled against him.

He didn't like that.His hold tightened around her to a suffocating extent. She took the warning wisely and stopped struggling. It wasn't possible for her to break through his iron hold so why waste her energy?

She gave in.

Good-girl he looked down at her with the usual smirk. If only she knew what he was imagining about her...

He slowly lowered his face to the crook of her neck. His hot breath tickled her delicate sensitive skin and she gasped.

"I-Ian what are you doing!"

"Shhhh",he placed a finger over her soft red lips. She could feel the warmth radiating through his finger over the sensitive skin of her lips"let me do it",he whispered.

His words didn't help her panicked self rather did opposite. She bit her lip from saying anything irrational. He wasn't himself afterall. She was needed to act wisely.

Both of them were beathing heavily, her from fear and his from the proximity.

He grazed his lips over her cheeks to her ear feeling the velvety soft skin over his lips. His lips tingled. He inhaled deeply and released with a melodious sigh.

A shiver ran down her spine as his hot breath hit her sensitive spot.

"Mm you smell so good",he whispered to her. He was carving to smell her intoxinating smell. And it just turned him on further.

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