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Part 1

Dear Simon,

Your last letter seems so long ago, so long that I often concede that you may have forgotten me in the glorious wonders of adventure and splendor that the seas seem to give you. And that maiden you spoke about. Layla was her name. It does seem better than Dylan- my unusual name meant for a boy.

Your mother is deeply troubled about your choice in venture, but she'll never voice them in fear of a wrinkle or two from your 'pig headedness.' Your sister misses you and grows chubby everytime the baroness brings over her muffins which is everyday.

Lord Ashford refuses to mention your name and anyone who dare does are reminded of your ungratefulness in taking your place as the next duke. 'A filander,' he would mutter.

Your room lies empty waiting upon your return and so does my heart. I pray thee safely return in good hands. Until then, my heart aches your return and my body your warmth.

Yours Truly,


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