Just as I Am. (Part 3, page 1 of 2)

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Part 3

I feared the days I found myself alone. It made my mind venture to thoughts of being free, being my own person owning no obligations to anyone but of my own. I was alone know, in the far back room of the slave quaters. It was dark and only the light of the blazing son gave any indication of the time of day.

Papa worked in the cane fields and mama was most likely tending the guests that surely must have arrived by now. I always had to hide away when guests came. A malato temptress my sister would utter almost indifferently.

'Your face alone would tempt a saint. Just be glad that the master is too old to take notice and his wife generous.' That was mama. Extra careful and vigilant in whatever we did to avoid the horrendous crack of the whip that papa seemed to endure on a regular occasion.

I didn't want to ever feel the whip and if staying in the dark meant keeping safe, then it was worth it. To pass time, I counted blindly the number of strings on my worn dress. When it was exhausted, I thought of things that no one the likes of me should be thinking of.

Freedom. Happiness. And above all, freedom. Being freed gave me options, wings even. But, I was now caged with a broken wing, unable to soar from this wretched place.

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