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Part 1

Genevie had just turned three when her parents whisked out of bed in the middle of the night and ran downstairs. There was a dark colored sedan waiting outside of the back door. While driving off she looked out the back window at her big beautiful house. It was so huge and it had a tower on the top of it. All she brought with her was some clothes and a book,

The car stopped in a clearing hidden from the road and watch as three or four truck loads of men of all ages turned unto the side road heading for Genevie's home. The men were up to no good. They sat the castle on fire and watched the main portion of it burned to the ground. All that was left was the main section which was built with stone. The family inside was dragged out and killed by hanging. Genevie could see her home in flames.

The car took the group to the train station. it was so dark when they boarded the train to South Hampton. It took a good eight hours before they reached South Hampton. The train stopped just outside of the station where another black sedan was waiting. The group got off.

The car rushed to the docks. The group of women wearing dark robes of some kind and a head covering to match rushed on board with her. The book was hidden under their clothes to where no one would see it. They didn't have to worry about it because the crew on the ship didn't even inspect their luggage like they did other people that boarded it earlier.

Right after the nuns boarded the ship. It left port heading to America. One of the younger nuns in common people's clothing carried Genevie while they were in the public areas of the ship not to stand out. passengers might question why the nuns had a young child with them. Mostly the group kept to themselves in their private quarters. The book stayed hidden for the eight days until they docked in Brooklyn, New York. They paid the ship's crew to let them stayed on board until the other passengers left the ship. It wasn't but just a few minutes later their black sedans arrived to pick them up.

They spent the night at a church compound then they were taken on a road trip half way across America and settled in the Midwest in a small town just outside of a farming community. First they lived in a nice one story house until their new home was built. It was a three story house built with the stones from Genevie's castle.

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