It Came In The Belltower (Part 2, page 1 of 5)

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Part 2

Between Thirteen and Sixteen Genevie was busy getting acquainted with different musical instruments and taking music lessons. She really loved three instruments more that the rest. The music the harp made her feel closer to God. the flute she could hear the native American tribe just down the road. It gave her peace.

The guitar was the instrument that most of the boys across the street from the girls part of school played.She had heard everything from country to rock and roll to gospel to rap. Mother Superior said the guitar was the instrument of evil doings in a teenager life.

When Genevie turned sixteen she received a necklace with her family crest in the middle. It was a huge necklace and weighed quite heavy. She could read that it was made from a place in East Europe in the country of Romania. It was made from what she thought was gold. She took it to the jewelry shop to see if it was real.

The owner told her it wasn't of any value without knowing what it was made out of. he told her if it was made here in America it would have said how much gold it had in it. This didn't say so her thought it was cheaply made over seas with the company's name on the back.

Genevie looked up the company online using her best friend's laptop at school. She got in touch with the company but soon after was disconnected from the internet. What she did learn was the woman's name who was online at the time.

The woman informed her that she could not tell her who had ordered it sent to her. She also informed Genevie she couldn't tell her what the necklace was made of. due to people could make phony necklaces for profit and she could guarantee their was authentic and yes it does provide a curse reversible spell

After she lost connection she wondered what the lady was telling her. The nun that comes in as a substitute teacher once a week. She told the girls to call her Sister Sarah. Genevie asked her if people could duplicate other people's items.

Sister Sarah told her it happens all the time. Genevie then asked Sister Sarah if there was anything into cursing people or any other spells. Sister Sarah told her the only higher being that can do anything like that would be maybe Lucifer but with God looking over them they were blessed by him and nothing bad would happen to them.

Genevie asked her what that lady meant. Sister Sarah asked her what she thought the lady. she wasn't sure what that lady meant. Sister Sarah smiled it's a way of making more money. If a person believes in that nonsense they would buy more items.

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