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Part 3

The next day Genevie hurried to the study hall again. she wanted Sister Sarah to explain what Introit meant. Sister Sarah explained that the introit comes before the actual service begins. It is a passage usually from book of Psalm. Genevie said that Mother Superior said it is a way of summoning our lord. Sister Sarah said yes in a way it is.

Even in non catholic bibles there is a passage that says when two or more gather in my name I am with them. Sister Sarah picked up to bibles from the study desk. She gave one to Genevie and kept the other one. She told Genevie that there are several different versions and the wording are a little different but the meaning is the same.

She asked Genevie to look up Matthew 18:20. After they both found the scripture Sister Sarah told Genevie she was reading out of the New International Bible Matthew 18:20 verse says For where two or three gather in my name there am I with them.

Then she asked Genevie to read from the New living Bible the same verse Matthew 18:20. Genevie read For where two or three gather together as my followers I am there among them.

Genevie gave a big sigh of relief and smiled. she told Sister Sarah she had felt a strange vibe when the sisters did that but not now. Sister Sarah asked her if she would write the nun's Introit down for her because different Catholic denominations have different introits but they mean the same but she just enjoys having different versions.

They were interrupted for the second day in a roll by this monstrous of a sound. This time is was a tornado drill. They sat under the closet room with their heads down and chair cushions covering their heads.

But this time she learned a lot more than she did the day before. At dinner time she told Mother Superior that she was going to do her best learning how to say the introit the right way. Mother Superior smile and replied yes dear. We will practice several times.

Genevie smiled and replied yes practice makes perfect. Everyone agreed. She was growing up but the Lord still didn't want her until she was twenty one. that was her mother's wishes that was fine if the Lord wanted to wait three years then she go to college and that needed to be decided to be able to find a suitable house for all of them.

She surely wouldn't be going alone besides Mother Superior still didn't trust either Sister Sarah or Francis. Mother Superior started practicing teaching her the proper way saying the introit . Letting Genevie keep the book in her room. That night Genevie wrote the first page of her book just as it was in the book.

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