It Came In The Belltower (Part 4, page 1 of 5)

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Part 4

Genevie spent her 19th birthday not only packing her room but also the kitchen, the pantry, the other bathrooms, and the library finishing taking down the curtains to be dry cleaned then pack for the trip to Louisiana.

In September right before college classes was to start a moving van pulled up in front of the two and a half story house that Mother superior was renting actually the sect had bought it . the moving men was settling every thing in the rooms that were labeled for that room.

When they got Genevie's bed, table, dresser arranged in the room to Mother Superior specifications. She laid the book on the table under the lamp next to the window. She instructed Genevie to take a tour of the college with Sister Marie and Francis while the movers was finishing up.

Genevie wanted to look at the writing class but the room was closed. She then wanted to look at the painter's class room and that was also closed. One of the staf informed her that the art instructor was having her students in the summer class to finish up their paintings for final exam.

They could be found in the garden next to the library She hadn't had the time to tour the library yet. it was the closet building next to the administrator's building. it was just a short walk to the two buildings. Genevie could see the group was just finishing up when the three approached the group.

When the art instructor turned to see who was approaching Genevie started running to her. After their hug Genevie asked her what she was doing there. Sister Sarah answered that her tenure at the diocese and school was through so her disocise transferred her down here.

When she arrived she was handed a list of potential jobs for her and she noticed the college was on the list. She sent them her resume and credentials and then had a interview and was hired on the spot. Sister Sarah hoped that excuse would satisfied any one who was snooping around trying to get the goods on her.

By then Sister Sarah's suspicion about the nuns wasn't a very good one. She thought all of them had lied especially to Genevie. Mother Superior was ordered that Genevie must get a part time job near campus, a real labor job for the first six months then maybe if she did good another job that was more of a manager type position.

The diocese got her the job as a janitorial position in the administration building and the girl's dorm. Genevie didn't like scrubbing all of the bathrooms. She started hearing things that other girls were talking about and wondered if she would be allowed to date. those girls had been dating for a long time.

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