It Came In The Belltower (Part 5, page 1 of 5)

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Part 5

There is a place in the Vatican city called The World Clock Building where there is a clock set for every big city in the world. When the pope wants to know what time it is some he is not interrupting something or calling people when they are sleeping unless it is a world Wide Emergency of some kind

He picks up the phone and ask an World Clock Room assistant. He would say this is Pope Francis and I need to know the time it is now In Washington DC. The clock room assistant would reply your highness it is Tuesday 3:14 A.M. here and Monday 9::14 P.M. in Washington DC.

Sister Sarah had been assigned to the World Clock building assistants along with the Archives Room assistants. She enjoyed both jobs but being an Archive assistant she learned exactly what Genevie's family was all about and the catholic sect that the nuns belong to. None of it was good.

She looked at the New Orleans clock It was 2P.M. Sister Sarah knew Genevie would be working in the library. She phoned the library. Genevie answered on the fifth ring. She was glad to hear from Sister Sarah. She told Genevie that she was the female relative from the Quivan clan.

The phone was disconnected before Sister Sarah could finish telling her what was needed to be told. She would have to try it again. The failed connection was on her end it was time for night mass. She would try again the next day. She prayed to God to let her get the word out to her friend.

That night Genevie was visited by the monster again. When she looked out the smile that was smiling back at her wasn't the smile of a loved one to another loved one. It was of a predator to a prey. She made sure she locked the bars on her window.

She heard a noise like something was scracthing under he bed all night. Genevie knew whatever message sister Sarah was trying to tell her had to be very important. She hoped she would call again tomorrow.

sister called the library again the next day. Genevie told her what she had seen but every one in the house just shrugged it off as her strange imagination. She told her that Mother Superior had now the double amount of nuns watching her.

Sister Sarah told her your monster is real and it is going to have you as a blood sacrifice very soon on your birthday. When you die he will live for another hundred years. She told her to run but do it during the daytime when he isn't watching you. please believe me and Get to the church and they will get you here to safety.

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