Innocence to Bravery (Part 10, page 1 of 5)

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Part 10

Adhira spent the rest of her day picturizing him but still mind reminded her of her exams but her heart missed it and started to roll back to the time she spent in Arya’s home also with him.

With the thoughts of Adhira and her innocent nature Arya slept and even in sleep when he had dreams of her there was a smile at the corner of lips.

Next day, Adhira woke up late than usual and studied for a while. How much ever she tried to push back the thoughts of Arya it was still popping in her mind. Dhivya saw that Adhira was smiling to herself also noticed that she read a line and then hid her face with it and tried to concentrate on it again.

Dhivya then came near her and said, “My dear, I can understand what is disturbing you but studies is important for life also for you to be independent in life, else you will become like me. Calm yourself and then try to study. Focus only on this because this is the only thing which can help you in future to stand on your own” saying it she closed Adhira’s eyes and asked her to calm herself and left the place.

Adhira hearing her mom words obeyed her and did mediation for about 10 minutes to calm herself from enthusiasm and excitement. She studied after that for a while and went to freshen up to head towards college.

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