Innocence to Bravery (Part 9, page 1 of 3)

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Part 9

Adhira came down behind him and Arya was standing near the front verandah to see if she was coming down. Adhira hoped from the last step with a smile on her face. She then walked inside were she noticed that Arya watching her expressions.

Lakshmi then saw her so she called,” Come here Adhira.”

Adhira didn’t even look up at him and walked fast past him. She then went near Lakshmi and sat next to her. Arya saw both of them talk so he went inside his room thinking, “I hope she says YES.”

Lakshmi then placed a bowl of fruits in front of her and asked her to take them. Suresh was already having them but stopped when he saw Adhira who refused it. Adhira then saw him and gestured him to continue eating thinking,” He won’t get these to eat in our home. I hope he eats at least here.”

Lakshmi then insisted her to eat so even she took it and thought,” May be what he said is right. I can support my family after marriage too. But what if he changes?”

Lakshmi placed her hands on Adhira’s and said,” Dear, Arya is my last son i.e. he is my 8th son and I must say that of others he is a gentleman. Even I read your letter, if you really want to support your family then you can for sure dear even after marrying him. Do you like him?”

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