Innocence to Bravery (Part 8, page 3 of 4)

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Part 8

He was unable to hear her so he stepped forward which made her to jerk back and was about to lean on the wall. She saw him with a confused eyes so Arya stepped back and said,” Easy Adhira. I was unable to hear you so I came forward. You may fall off. So, please stand properly also I promise that I won’t take any step forward from here. Okay” saying it he drew a circle in air as a mark indicating that he won’t move out from that position.

Adhira liked his behavior also thought,” He seems to be a gentleman” also then she stood properly and saw him.

She repeated again,” My dad will not listen to me and that is the reason why I asked you to say.”

He then saw her and the letter in his hands then said,” So, You don’t want to marry as you need to support your family, am I right?”


“Okay, answer me this. Do you like me or not?”

Adhira was taken aback by this question. She thought,” Doesn’t this guy understand my letter but the way he asked was like he had understood it?”

Arya saw her who was dumbstruck by his question so he continued,” Adhira, If supporting your family is the only barrier to ask me to reject you then I would like you to know this. You can support your family even after marriage. In fact, they are like my family too, so even I will help you in the process. Also I still like you and I will be happier if you say YES but it is your decision and I do respect whatever you decide. So, think and then say.”

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