Innocence to Bravery (Part 8, page 1 of 4)

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Part 8

Adhira got up and saw Arya who came out of his room which was right next to the front door. She thought,” Again a door here. How come I didn’t notice it? Well I was too busy with my thoughts. Fine, Seems like there are 2 entrance to his room. Adhira, Focus on what you have to say then you can explore their home.”

Arya saw her who was so beautiful also noticed that her mascara had smudged and her eyes were red with a sign of tears in it yet he felt that she was beautiful in her own way. He thought,” Even though she is messed up yet she is still looking like a patterned dark cloud which are admirable in any form.”

Adhira saw Arya who was dressed up in maroon shirt and beige track pants. She saw him smiling at her but she felt guilty so she bent her head down as she thought she might cry. She thought,” How can someone treat me so nicely even after what I have did? I feel guilty that I can’t even see his face.”

She then walked straight keeping her head down but Arya also moved front at the same moment which made both of them to collide with each other. Adhira and Arya both then looked up at each other while both rubbed their forehead.

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