Innocence to Bravery (Part 6, page 2 of 6)

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Part 6

Raj checked the letter and replied,” Hi Sir. Someone named Adhira had sent it. Company name is not mentioned.”

Arya smiled hearing the name and thought, ‘Wow. I thought that she was a shy type girl but seems like it isn’t. She is so old fashioned. She could have messaged me or called me what was the need to choose letter? But I still like it. I can treasure it and admire her handwriting all my life. The precious love letter from my fiancé.’

Arya took the letter from Raj and walked to his cabin with happiness and smile. He carefully opened the letter with lot of hopes and thoughts. He saw her handwriting and thought, ’She do have a good handwriting. Fine, let me read and see what she has written’ and started to read the letter.


Hi, I hope you are fine. Actually I thought to speak to you in person on the day of our meeting but was unable to do so. I would like to tell you that I am not interested in marriage. I would like to ask a favor from you which is please inform my parents that you don’t like me. I want to study, work and take care of my family. My siblings’ are so small also they are in need of my guidance. I want to help them to educate, help my dad financially and want to see them in flying color. So please I beg you to reject me as I don’t have a chance to do that. Hope you understand it and help me get out of this.

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