Innocence to Bravery (Part 6, page 1 of 6)

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Part 6

Next day, Adhira woke up and got ready for her college. She had dressed herself up in stitched green flowered design chudidhar for which she pinned the dupatta on either side of her shoulders.

Dhivya served her breakfast and handed the water bottle for her. Adhira took the water bottle and placed it inside her bag and went off. Dhivya like always saw her till she was out of sight.

Adhira went to her college but instead of going into the college she went to the near courier shop and couriered her letter to Arya. Adhira asked the guy,” When will this letter get delivered?”

The guy checked the address and informed,” Since its local address mostly it will reach by today afternoon.”

Adhira thanked him and took the bag and swung it in air then wore it back and walked with a smiling face thinking that she had taken a big step of her own in life. It was a full of pride walk just like a queen who had won the battle. She then wrote her exams and went back to home by afternoon, refreshed herself up and changed to a cream color skirt and wore her brothers white t-shirt. Since the following days were weekends she slept and decided to take rest today.

On the other hand, Arya was called to mailroom by his colleague. Arya thought that it must be official letter so he went to the room and asked the guy in-charge whom he knew familiar, Raj who is in service for about 2 years and he was dark in complexion but a pure-hearted fellow, “Raj, I was asked to collect the letter. From which company the letter is?”

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