Innocence to Bravery (Part 5, page 3 of 5)

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Part 5

She took out the pen and paper pad from her table and started to write the letter to him. She completed it and re-read to confirm whether she had inscribed in the approved manner and expressed her thoughts to Arya.

She then folded it and placed inside one of her books. She then sat on her bed with a satisfaction but it then stroke her that she neither knew his details nor his address.

Adhira then hid her face inside her palms and reprimanded,’ Oh God! How did I forget this? Silly of me.’

Dhivya then came to her room and saw Adhira who was having her head on lap which was hidden inside her palms. She spoke,” Is everything okay, Adhira?”

Adhira saw her mom so with the hands she adjusted her hands which was clumsy and spoke,” Yes mom. Everything is fine.”

“I really hope that everything is fine. I am so happy that agreed to this guy. He and his family are such nice person. They said they are against dowry and need only you. Also they guy is working as a manager and well paid. You don’t need to struggle in your life. I am sure he will take care of you well enough.”

Adhira thought,’I f I say her I didn’t agree to him then she will start speaking about her health and cage me with her sentiments. It is better for me to handle it myself. Let me try to get his address so that I can send him the letter.’

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