Innocence to Bravery (Part 4, page 1 of 5)

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Part 4

Next day, Adhira purposefully came late from college but was informed by Dhivya that Arya and his family are waiting to meet her. She thought, ‘Is that guy so fond of marriage?’

Sridhar saw her so asked,” Why were you late?”

Adhira saw him also others and replied,” Bus was late, dad.” She then saw the others and spoke,” I am sorry if I had made you to wait for so long.”

Lakshmi, Arya’s mother who was in her mid-fifties but was rose-fair complexion who was dressed up in green color saree spoke up,” No problem dear. Even we arrived just now. Actually you are on time and it is we who are late.”

Adhira saw her and immediately thought ‘How can someone be so fair, beautiful even at this age? She is such a beauty for sure.’

Dhivya came near Adhira and whispered,” Come in and change your dress.”

Sridhar signaled in eyes as to change herself and come. Adhira before getting inside saw everyone and was confused who was the guy she was to marry. It was like more than a dozen people were staring at her and out of which mostly everyone seemed to be alike which made her to figure herself that they must be brothers and sisters yet the man with whom she has to share the life with was mysterious.

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