Innocence to Bravery (Part 3, page 3 of 5)

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Part 3

“Okay. But what is the guy doing and his photo?”

“456732, Arya. This is his ID. You see and show to her.”

“What if she doesn’t like him?”

“Why? Does she love someone? Why would she say to someone we see? He is the person. Let her to see that is enough. Whomever I ask to marry she should do so, is that clear?”


He gave a stern look at her so she didn’t proceed her words. He went to get ready for his office. He was working as an inspector once and retired so currently he is working in a Security firm as Personal assistant who earns just Rs.18000 pm. Dhivya is a silent person who is taught not to speak against husband and must obey them. She was more of like old aged wife. She was soft-spoken and kind hearted woman yet she had many health issues like heart problem, wheezing/breathing issues. Diabetes. She manages the home efficiently with his earnings also she doesn’t take care of her at times due to shortfall of money which had led her to heart problems.

Dhivya then saw Sridhar dressed up and going in cycle to his office. He doesn’t like to spend money immoderately as he has to serve three children’s. He do love his wife and children a lot but doesn’t know to express it. He thought,” I hope Adhira marries this guy. I will be out of one burden in my life also Dhivya’s health is also not that good. So, if Adhira marries at least she will be happy that she has seen at least one of her child’s marriage before something bad happens to her.”

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