Innocence to Bravery (Part 3, page 1 of 5)

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Part 3

Sridhar, Dhivya’s husband woke up hearing his mobile ringing. He took the phone and saw the number displayed. He attended the call,” Hello” with an irritated disturbed sleepy tone.

“Hello, I am Ram. We saw your girl’s photo in matrimonial site. Are you looking for a match?”

Sridhar, was in his mid-fifties also was very efficient in sarcasm. He used to treat men and woman differently still following the same old age school customs.

He replied back,” Yes” but thought, ‘For what else would have I uploaded my child photo then? Stupid question’

“Thanks. We went through the profile and it seems to be a good match for my son Arya. Will it be good time for us to see your daughter today evening?”

“Can I have your son’s id and once we check it then I can let you about further proceedings.”

“Sure. Please note down. It is 456732, Arya. He is working as General Manager in an Iron and Steel company.”

“Hmmm. I will check and call you back.”

“Okay, Thanks.”

Sridhar placed the phone down and saw Dhivya standing near the door. She spoke up,” Who was on call?”

Sridhar got angry so he shouted,” Why do you question me? Just go and get me a cup of coffee.”

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