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Part 4

When we entered in the cinema i saw two unoccupied chairs in the third chair's rows so i showed it to her so we decided stay there..

The movie was about to start..I swore you would choose the romance one i said to her..Elena looked to my eyes with that beautiful smile and said:

So you thought it wrong..So aren't you afraid to watch a horror movie?She laughed..Just a little bit..She said .I like it but i'm also afraid to watch..

You unsderstand..

I see,,Even if you get scared you like to watch..Yeah,,she said..That's the fun to watch a horror movie.isn't it?

You're right i answered her..

Do you want to bet something?Paola said to her Husband Robert..Bet?What are you talking about?Robert said to her..

Look you know how our daughter is afraid of horror movies and how much she likes it..

I bet with you that she choose one?Paola said to him..

Robert laughed!!It's not possible,,I can't believe that she would do this at her so long awaited date..

I'm going to ask her when she comes back home..Do you want to bet?Paola said to robert while she held out her hand..

No.No.No..I'm not doing this..Robert said to her smiling..

She told me that she was a little bit afraid to watch horror movies But she was very scared..Francys thought to himself..

Oh my god,She screamed while she was covering her face with her hands..

I looked to her she was very afraid but i also was that movie was still more frightening than it seemed to be..

What a man do at such moment? i wondered me..So i remembered something that saw once in a movie...

A girl was also scared watching a movie and the man put his hand over her hands to she get more calm..And now I'm going to do this..

But if she didn't want to go to this date and she only chose this movie to try to ruin our date?Like chosing what she doesn't like..I wondered me..

But ealier she was smiling,,I wondered myself.. but a smile doesn't always mean happiness..What did i do damn it?I asked myself..

I didn't know what to do..I looked to her she was very concentrated in the movie with her scared face i looked to her hands over the chair..

Damn it!!I thought while i put my hands over my head..Are you also scared?Elena asked me..

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