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Part 3

Finally the day has come and i was ready when l went downstair my father said to me:Our driver will take you to her house to pick her up..

So after this you and her need to choose what you guys is going to do during the day..Okay dad..But i don't have any experience about this..I answered him..

Don't need to worry ,,everything is going to end well..He said to me..That's easy son,,My mother said..

The most difficult will be to keep the conversation flowing..She complemented..

Thank you mom,,I'm more calm after hear you..She laughed..

Sorry son,I know that you will find a way to handle the situation..Like your father When we met,,She said Looking to her husband while laughing..

What?Michael asked Leila..Nothing she said..Son,,When i met your mother for the first time i was so nervous as you are now..

I dind't know what to say to her,,I was like, I'm an idiot,What do i do?But I remembered what my father said to me that day..Just be yourself..

That's what i did,,And everything end well..

I didn't understand dad?I answered him..I think be myself won't work well I'm so boring..Give me some tips dad..I asked him..

So he looked to his Watch and said: Sorry son it's time to you go,,..I saw our driver turning the car on,..But dad,,So he practically pushed me into the car..

So the garage gate opened and he said to me again,,Just be yourself son..So we left..Good bye son l heard my mother saying to me..

So after the Massion's front gate door open we left..After a few minutes we arrived at her house she was already in front of the massion gate..

I was so shame because I said that I didn't want to live with her..I said yes about our date but i had forgot about it..That i rejected what she said..

But I'm sure that she didn't want this,,she only said it because she was angry...

But What if she really wanted this for some reason?like,,another motive without being angry?And i rejected her..I hadn't thought about it..

That made me get still more nervours..What if she is still mad at me?

When the car stopped My body was still in the car but my soul had already abandoned me..

My Driver greeted them and opened the door,,That was like the hell's door opening to me and I seeing an angel..Because when the Driver opened the door the first person who i saw Elena..

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