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Part 2

When I woke up in the morning l was wondering me what was that about,,l heard my mother knocking the door and calling me..

Francys come downstair to eat your breakfast after it we will go out to find some clothes to you go to your date..

l already have one mom..l said to her..l was with my arm over my forehead looking to the ceiling..And started remembering what happened yesterday..

So i got up from my bed so after getting ready l went downstair .Untill now l didn't believe that l'm dating a girl for a future marriage..

When l got downstair my mother and my father was already waiting for me..l pulled the chair and sat in front of them at the table..

That's my leading man..My father said to me while smiling..What did you think about her son?My mother asked me..

l don't know mom,,She is beautiful but l still can't say nothing about it..But she looks like good girl..I said to her..

And she is,,my father said to me..That's what we want this date for you guys know each other better..I know this will work..

You and her was very close when you guys was a child..My father said to me..But l didn't remember her,l said to him;..

When you guys was for about six to five years old we decided to separate you guys because if both of you had created together like living as close friend this could develop something as siblings feelings..Maybe not but who know complemented..

I see,,l said to him..After we finish our breakfast we went to the shopping..

When we get there seemed that my parents wanted to buy the entire shop..But in the end I chose my clothes,,

l Black jeans pant,a white shirt and a also white shoes,,my parents started to complain about it but l didn't wanted to wear what they wanted..social clothes..l like to make my style..

Elena doesn't want to go Robert what about now?His wife Paola asked him..

Elena was furious,,she found marriages documents that proved that she and Francys was already marriage this was done by their parents without her or Francys's consent..

Why did i need to date my husband? We are already married..What about that conversation that we would date about one year and if we didn't like we would chose if we would marry or not..That's was a pure lie wasn't it?

Daughter try to understand..Robert said to her..Understand what? she asked him..

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