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Part 1

But today l can see that dreams coming true,,we raised our company,we married and had childrens..

But this one it's the most difficult,,Not because l'm marrying my daughter to his son,,l'm sure that's the best choice, but because our childrens Also have feelings...

That's why this is not obliged,,l don't know if Francys's father was okay with it..What you decide for me it's okay Francy's daddy said to robert..l'm glad to know that,,Robert answered him..

l want to ask Francys and Elena,,l want you guys dating one year,,Today is february 21 next year frebruary 21 l will ask you guys about this marriage if the answer is no,it's okay..You guys don't need to marry anymore but if this is yes..l would really be glad..

What about it?For me yes,,Elena said to him..She isn't nervous l wondered myself..She seemed to be very calm towards suck a situation..

What about you son?My father asked me..l looked at Elena and her parents..Everyone was waiting my answer and l couldn't say no after she say yes,,otherwise l could regret to say no later...Because she is beautiful..

l said yes too..Our parents hugged each other..Let's drink her father screamed,..Our parents seemed to be very happy..l wonder how this is going to end..

The maid brought wine and champagne,,l was waiting to see if they would bring juice or something like but her father invited us to also drink...

I was eighteen and also she was so there was no problem that was a special occasion he said..So he filled a glass of wine to me and another to his daughter..

l was a little bit reluctant o drink it..l was only giving little sips..l had never drunk alcohol before that was my first time..So Elena went next to me and asked me..It's also your first time drinking Alcohol?

YES, I answered her..It's also my first time she said to me..Are you okay with this marriage? l asked her..She only answered as I don't know..And She asked me back..l also answered the same because I had no answer..

l don't care she said while she turned the filled wine's glass in her mouth..l looked at that astonished..MY parents and her parents was dancing while the music played..

Let's dance Elena asked me..She held me on my waist and started to move she asked to me also held her waist and l did..l could feel on my hands her slim waist...l didn't know how to dance so I get a little bit akward..But she started to teach me..She turned her back and asked to hold her waist again..

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