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Part 1

Come in please..My daughter is still finishing her make up But soon she coming downtair ..l'm so sorry for this..He said to my dad..

Don't worry about it..That's normal my father said to him..

So Robert asked one of their maid to go to call her..So he said to us wait for her at the living room..

l was so nervous...Unsure if she would like me or not..

l heard the maid saying she is coming,,l looked upstair and there she was,,A very beautiful girl,she was wearing a sexy white short dress,,

l could see that she had an amazing and sensual body..She looked at me with that seductive blue eyes and smiled..

MY heart jumping,my mouth dried, and trembling legs,could say for itself how l was feeling at that moment..

l didn't know that could exist such a beautiful girl in this world,,l was hypnotized..She was walking like a model,perfectly,,she had a long red curly hair

When l came back to the reality she was already very close to me,,she even had greeting more than one time and l was like,,unaware,,paralyzed,,Just looking to her ..When l came back to the reality Everyone was looking at me..I've never felt so shame in my whole life..I looked to my parents and also to her parents I didn't know what to say,,I was red..

Even so untill this moment I hadn't greeted her back and she was standed on my side waiting for it..

Did you like her?I think l don't even need to ask it but,,Her father said laughing while he looked around,,Everyone laughed..

I blushed even more than l already was..

Won't you greet your fiancee?My father asked me..

l hurriedly got up from my place and said to my father,,l'm sorry..

Excuse for this..I said to her apologizing me.. My name is Francys..She smile,,don't worry about it,,My name is Elena is a pleasure to meet you Francys..The pleasure is all mine ,,I said to her..

So she sat next her dad..

So Robert said: I don't know if you kids are really totally accepting this situation but, l'm sure and l think that Francys parents think the same ..that's the best for both of our families..

It's not just for politics,,or because we are partners,,it's because this will ensure your future...

Put our family together,,This was and always will be my best friend Robert said while he looked to my dad..And even before we had our wives we made a promise that when we had a child like if he had a girl or boy,or if l had a girl or boy we would marry them,,We were just starting our lifes at that time..What we have now a day at that moment was just a dreams..

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