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Part 1

I'm inside my father's car heading to my unbelievable fate..I'm son a big businessman...

And now I'm going to fulfill my destiny, l didn't know about it until a few moments ago. but... I'm getting married..

And the worst of all.. l only know how she looks when she was a child, for about six years old...

And only because l saw a photo of me and her showed to me while my father was driving me to my future fiancee's house...

l think we were good friends at that time..But l didn't remember it so well..

She was a cute little girl..My father said to me that she is a very beautiful woman and complemented that l wouldn't regret it..

As if l had any choice... This always happened to the Family..My mother and my father were also an arranged marriage.. But even so, l wonder how this girl looks nowadays..Believe or not l got a little bit curious about it..

l tried to complain about my suddenly arranged marriage but without any success,that was decided even before we were born,that's what my father and my mother told me..

They also told me that her father was a very good man,,and that they are company partners..This marriage would be great for both sides..He said..

So all of a sudden the car stopped and l was in front of a big mansion..The gate opened automatically,..

My heart started to jump as if it wanted to jump out my body.,,

l'm very nervous mom,,l said to her..So my father said to me: Don't need to be son,,everything is going alright while he gave a little slap on my shoulder..

The car stopped my mouth got dry and my stomach got a strange feeling..l wanted to run from there,that's what l wanted to do but, l couldn't..

l don't know if want to get married even more that l don't even know her..

l got out of the car and l saw my parents greeting a couple..So that's your son Leila?,She asked my mother..l recognized them..l had seen they sometimes..

She was a very beautiful woman for about fourty years old..After a greet her l greeted her husband and they introduced themself to me,,,l did the same.. Her husband seemed to be the same age as her..Good looking..But l didn't see their daughter and l was a little bit relieved..

But it ended quickly...Where is your daughter?My father asked her father..Robert this was his name and his wife was Paola..

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