Hostage On Forbidden Island (Part 1, page 2 of 4)

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Part 1

The next few weeks people of all ages had put in for it from listing if they work and who for about how much their year earnings were and family and friends

contact number. Mrs. Hazel Bounds application was one of the first accepted. Having no family and being a retired teacher getting a pension around $1200.00

a month was offered a free vacation and was glad to go to Forbidden Island. She packed her a couple of suitcases and said her goodbyes to the other ladies at their home they shared and left. When she arrived at Forbidden Island she took a picture of the sigh area and emailed it to the other women

Another woman was Anne Sherman who was a retired RN getting a pension of about $1500.00 a month and like Hazel no immediate family members and also lived on her own. She did have a lady's group at the community center that she hung out with and three of that group put their application but was turn down. They felt like it was because they didn't have the money that she had.

‚Äč Mr. Sam Westerly having just divorced and nobody but his ex wife and a good size life insurance policy now going to nobody was also accepted for the free vacation. He had been untill his divorced an insurance agent.He met his group of buddies and had dinner and drinks with them and packed his bags and also aboard a plane headed down to Florida where the small cruise ship picked them up. Then there was Mr. and Mrs.Westerfield. They were self made millionaires. They started a tax prepering company and then corporated it and opened several branches in different cities.and recently sold the business for a lot of money.Then there were just regular people who was disabled, sick, and alone that was awarded free vacations They claimed they didn't discriminate and were not bias in awarding vacations.

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