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Part 1

Rebecca Carlson didn't mind the night shfit at the Daily Herald Newspaper. Sometimes it had it's boring night then sometimes the paper's phone kept ringing off the hook. She remembers now when it all began. It was in the middle of Januaryr and she answered a phone call and a man that claim to be a PR man for this ad agency working for a group called Free vacation Offers. He wanted to place this ad for free vacation give away on an exotic island.She stayed on the phone a good twenty minutes going through this offer to win a free vacation to Forbidden Island. He faxed her a picture of the sign in area of Forbidden Island which was inviting that it made her want to go since it was in the middle of January and the weather forecaster at their local television station was forecasting another foot of snow on top of the eight inches they had just gottenAt the end of the phone call they both agreed on placint Chance to Win A Free Vacation At Forbidden Island. Under the heading the paper would show the picture of the sign in area of the island then the rest of ad below the picture. The man paid for the ad by a money card which works just like a debit card which didn't raise a red flag but now should have becaause the second time the paper ran it it was a different money card. The second time the ad exactly stayed the same as the first. Rebecca asked him how many free vacations they were offering. The man replied that it was a newly opened vacation spot and they wanted to get the word out and by offering free vacations and that would be more of testimony and spread the word faster which made sense

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