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Part 3


Cia woke early at 6 am. Infact it was a pleasant morning . She could hear the sparrows chirping. She fixed herself a cup of tea and went to her small porch to enjoy a relaxed morning before she got ready to work. This was the first day in the last two or three years where she would not have to rush to either catch the bus or metro to work. She had at least an hour to enjoy the peace and tranquility of this beautiful place.

She was deep in her thoughts when Jay wished her good morning. He looked splendid in his white tea shirt and black shorts. How could this man manage to look so handsome this early in the morning?

“ Hi ,sir would you like to have a cup of tea?”

“No, I normally take a glass of juice in the morning after my morning jogging session. Don’t you go for a morning walk ?”

Cia’s mood was spoilt because she believed that indirectly Jay had told her that she was fat.

“Everybody does not have an advantage of such a beautiful place to go for morning walks.

Plus they are not fortunate enough to be CEO of huge companies that they may work as they please.”

Jay was confused with Cia’s behavior. One minute she was sweet the other second she was ready to pounce like a wildcat. But when she argued her face became animated and energized, her eyes sparkled which made her look quite pretty.

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